Steady foundation, respect for the environment

Opera Bluehouse is a distinctive sign of the authenticity and passion for life the house embodies. Opera was born in 2009 in the area of Ogliastra, in Sardinia, and follows the principles of green building and artisanal design. Opera designs, builds and renovates buildings and houses favouring high quality standards for the person’s wellbeing, and in perfect harmony with the natural context surrounding them. Opera designs personalised solutions, through integral and complete study: from the idea to the development of the project until the execution and definition of the details.  The opera team takes care of the conception, the choice and transformation of materials and the assembly with the utmost attention. The client is involved in every phase of the project in a constant exchange with a sole representative, direct and trustworthy.

Opera has invented Bluehouse: the building system based on the use of natural materials like wood and finishes able to guarantee health, safety and indoor comfort for the inhabitants.

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Marco was born in the land of Ogliastra, Arzana in 1979. Surveyor and Expert in Energy Efficiency Environmental Sustainability Safety and Health of Buildings. Today he holds the role of administrator at Opera. Marco was born in Arzana, where he still resides, after having completed his studies in compulsory education in the native country, he enrolled and obtained a surveyor diploma from the Technical Institute and Geometers of Lanusei. His professional training begins with the collaboration at the design studio B & amp; C of Lanusei, led by Ing. Valter Bortolin, who was until recently his teacher of construction and topography, his work experience ends after 3 years to move to the Serit Lavori in 2004, a company based in Rome but operating in Sardinia in the public construction sector. In 4 years he took on the role of first in charge of the construction site, then the site's technical manager for the Sardinian market.   He founded Opera in 2009.  

Opera is born from his innate passion for building buildings, characterized by healthiness and safety, Inspired by the vision of the BauHaus, famous art and architecture school founded by architect Walter Gropius in 1919. Work of reference to the principles of green building and artisan design. It designs, builds and restructures buildings and homes able to promote high quality standards of well-being of the person, and in complete harmony with the natural context in which they live. The healthy and safe houses soon take the name of Bluehouse, becoming a hallmark of genuineness and passion for the life of which the house becomes an expression. It is inspired by the lifestyle based on physical and spiritual well-being that distinguishes the Ogliastra, one of the areas of Sardinia, identified among the four blue areas of the world, for the extraordinary longevity of its inhabitants.

  The results do not wait, in 2012 comes the first national award: Ecoluoghi Award, promoted by the Ministry of the Environment, for the Casa Panoramica, a Bluehouse designed by Arch. Marinella Cogodda di Arzana (Marco's classmate) awarded and exhibited at the MAXXI museum in Rome. Opera's work arouses interest and curiosity on social media, newspapers and TV programs right from the start, a bit 'for the speed in the construction of houses and especially for the quality of housing unique in its kind. Even the University realizes the work of Marco Bittuleri, in fact from the collaboration with Prof. Antonello Monsù the framework agreement is born with which company and university have long been engaged in collaboration and research, as well as dissemination, training and information in the field of sustainability, construction quality and indoor well-being of the construction industry and building industry and the search for possible technological innovation margins in the sector. But it is in the summer of 2017 that Marco Bittuleri revolutionizes the Bluehouses. In fact, from the participation in the Social School Innovation of Rumundu the Bluehouse Project is born and the project is joined by two young urban planners Annalisa Sanna and GianMario Secchi. The healthy and safe Bluehouse from today is super technological and communicates with the man through sensors that analyze the quality of the indoor environment the presence of harmful gases and even the presence of an earthquake. The Project was presented already in Canada in 2018 thanks to a call for the selection of Italian projects valid for international exports, promoted by the ICE government agency where the Bluehouse project attracted great interest from a pool of investors.

Natural materials

We use the best materials of natural origins, coming from certified sustainable sources and selected to guarantee comfort and quality. The choice is based on the diversity of housing needs and related to the resources offered by the territory involved.


We thought Bluehouse as a result of a selection among the best products of the earth, of a study of the environment and housing comfort. A unique final product tailored to the client and the environment where it is built.


We follow the criteria of sustainable construction, turning water, sun and wind into sources of clean energy that heat up and protect the building. The rules and building techniques include: orientation of the house according to its exposure to sun and dominant winds in order to provide passive heating and cooling of the building.