Bluehouse, a house able to fulfil its own energetic needs autonomously, equipped to take advantage of the environment and external agents

Bluehouse is the new house concept where aesthetic beauty and lightness of the structure improve the housing experience. From the materials to the power sources, it is a smart and self-sufficient structure, limiting polluting emissions and favouring the health and wellbeing of the inhabitants.

Created through state-of-the-art artisanal technology by a highly qualified team, Bluehouse is a result of a selection among the best products of the earth, of a study of the environment and housing comfort. A unique final product tailored to the client and the environment where it is built.

Energy, a source of life

Our building techniques and designing process follow the criteria of sustainable construction, turning water, sun and wind into sources of clean energy that heat up and protect the building.
The rules and building techniques include: orientation of the house according to its exposure to sun and dominant winds in order to provide passive heating and cooling of the building.


The use of wood and steel in the load-bearing structures, installed through a dry set-up, therefore entirely removable and reusable limiting the environmental impact. The use of stone materials and sub products for a natural regulation of humidity. Natural materials with high insulation coefficient (cork, natural wools, natural fibres, etc.). Ventilation of roofs and walls, hanging gardens and green roofs.


The roof, integrated with sensors and a system for constant monitoring of the performance, guarantees high performance standards; preliminary maintenance interventions keep the standards up to the required level.