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Panoramica House

Minimal appearance. It looks like a self-sufficient technological concentrate. Equipped with large windows that act as a bioclimatic greenhouse, but at the same time framing breathtaking views, its interior is one with the outside an almost imperceptible inside / outside. It smells of wood and the air inside is constantly reciprocated in a natural way. Winner of the Premio Ecoluoghi 2011, awarded by the Ministero per ‘Ambiente, in Italy

  • Location: Sardinia, Arzana 2009 / Lazio, Rome 2011
  • Winter temperature: 22°/24° C
  • Summer temperature: 25°/27° C
  • Use: 80 Kw/h per month
  • Humidity: Min 40% Max 55%
  • Brightness: 500 Lux